Instituto de Engenharia

Portal is comming of age, 2 years after its creation in 2011.

Instituto de Engenharia (Engineering Institute) from São Paulo  will now publish our articles in a regular column on Sustainability on their website

Founded in 1916, Instituto de Engenharia is a non profit organization and a thinktank for engineering and infrastructure matters, whose associates include the most respected technicians in Brazil. The Pro Alcohol Program, which created a whole new economy based on renewable fuel was conceived and developed within the IE back in the 1970s, demonstrating the vision and tecnical capability that have been the hallmarks of this institution since its creation.

The recognition received form this almost centenial institution to a newborn baby like ourselves has deeply honoured us and has incentived us even more to proceed with our work.

Conversely, all initiatives from IE on matters such as sustainability, environment and corporate social responsibility will be announced and broadcast on our portal and our Web TV programs, within the spirit of reciprocity which is one of the core values of our portal and our way of doing business.

Keep tuned and stay updated on Sustainability in Brazilan dabroad though our portal and now also through Instituto de Engenharia de São Paulo

Roberto Mangraviti

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Escrito por Roberto Mangraviti

Economista e Facility Manager em Sustentabilidade. Editor, diretor e apresentador do Programa Sustentahabilidade pela WEBTV. Palestrante, Moderador de Seminários Internacionais de Eficiência Energética, Consultor da ADASP- Associação dos Distribuidores e Atacadistas do Estado de São Paulo e colunista do site do Instituto de Engenharia de São Paulo.

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